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Bird of My Dreams

My life list of birds I have seen is pitifully short, just over forty at last count. They range from robins to much more exotic types. Take, for instance, pelicans. I had no idea they hung around these parts until, three years in a row, […]

Another Thing My Assistant Can Do

Like all good assistants, mine should have a candy dish. It should be filled to nearly overflowing with all the candies I crave now and then, and especially now. Things like circus peanuts. No matter how small the bag, there are always too many circus […]

Too Much Tenderness, or, The Anguish of Moving

I presented this sermonette to the UU Fellowship of Dubuque on July 24, 2016: Too Much Tenderness “We are being sentimental when we give to a thing more tenderness than God gives to it.” J.D. Salinger, the writer who brought this quote to my attention […]

Voices In My Head

When I was in college, I began to hear voices in my head. Actually, it was entire conversations, with one voice saying something and then another one answering or changing the subject or making a joke or pointedly ignoring the first speaker. In psychiatry, this […]