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Bird of My Dreams

My life list of birds I have seen is pitifully short, just over forty at last count. They range from robins to much more exotic types. Take, for instance, pelicans. I had no idea they hung around these parts until, three years in a row, […]

Another Thing My Assistant Can Do

Like all good assistants, mine should have a candy dish. It should be filled to nearly overflowing with all the candies I crave now and then, and especially now. Things like circus peanuts. No matter how small the bag, there are always too many circus […]

Too Much Tenderness, or, The Anguish of Moving

I presented this sermonette to the UU Fellowship of Dubuque on July 24, 2016: Too Much Tenderness “We are being sentimental when we give to a thing more tenderness than God gives to it.” J.D. Salinger, the writer who brought this quote to my attention […]

Aw, Shucks

Someone complimented me the other day, when I was least expecting it. I had taken my glasses off, and this person said, “You have beautiful eyes!” I just smiled and said “Thanks!” The fact that this person was a woman, and someone I know, made […]

Voices In My Head

When I was in college, I began to hear voices in my head. Actually, it was entire conversations, with one voice saying something and then another one answering or changing the subject or making a joke or pointedly ignoring the first speaker. In psychiatry, this […]

Goodbye to All That?

When Joan Didion, one of my all-time favorite writers, wrote her essay “Goodbye to All That,” she was talking about something altogether different from my current concern. She was speaking of Manhattan, where she lived in her 20s, first in love with the place, later […]

The Eternal Sunshine of the Fact-Free Mind

Searching for an end to my headaches has brought me in touch with many interesting people. I use that word, “interesting,” because to use a word like “weird” or “zealous” or “cockamamie” or “nuts” would be just not very helpful. So I am not going […]

Test Your Memory!

My neurologist recently started me on a drug that’s supposed to help suppress my cursed daily migraines. As with all such concoctions, this one comes with an alarming sheaf of side effects. Among them are weakness, dizziness, confusion, difficulty concentrating, tingling of the hands/feet, weight […]